I Listened To My First Audiobook + Book Review

Hey quarantine,

So I am going to be completely honest. I did not enjoy my experience at first. If you know me personally, I get distracted very easily.

Atleast I felt that while listening to an audio book one needs to be paying all the possible attention one can. And audio books are marketed as “Listen to while doing so and so task”.

I tried to listen to Secret Garden, the book which I also will be reviewing today, while organising my bookshelf and barely understood the first chapter.I do not know if I can use audio books as something to listen while doing something else.

Books according to me require your complete attention. But I personally certainly think that they are a better alternative if I cannot get a proper physical book as its much better for my eyes.I also felt that I could have read the book much more faster as the narrator was just too focused on every single word’s proper pronunciation.Again. This was just my personal opinion and if you never listened to an audio book, please do not hesitate to try it as you might enjoy it.

Ok enough of me rambling, here is the book review of The Secret Garden-

The Secret Garden

-Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden narrates the story of a young girl named Mary Lennox who lives in India, with her wealthy British family. She is often ignored by her family, who are very busy so she is usually with her nanny. She was very spoiled as she got anything and everything just by throwing a tantrum. Mary becomes an orphan, just as the cholera epidemic hits. She was left alone in her huge mansion, as for her servants ran away without even giving a second thought about her.


Mary is found by the soldiers who came to see if anyone was left behind in the mansion. They were truly horrified to see a small girl and, for a moment, felt that she was ghost.

She lives briefly with an English clergyman and his family, where she was often teased as ‘Mrs. Mary Quite Contrary’ by the children. She was later sent to live with her maternal uncle who was described by everyone as ‘Miserable Hunchback’. Archiball Craven, her uncle was in huge grief ever since the death of his wife. He used to live alone in the Misselthwaite Mansion, Yorkshire until Mary arrived.

Shortly after arriving, Mary hears about The Secret Garden from Martha Sowerby, her kind maidservant in the Misselthwaite Mansion. The Garden allegedly belonged to the late mistress Craven, which after her passing had been locked by Archiball.

After hearing this, Mary become quite curious and determined to find the secret garden. Not only did she become engaged in something, her foul attitude slowly started becoming better. This change is aided by a kind gardener named Ben Weatherstaff and a robin redbeast. Mary finally starts counting these two people along with Martha, Dickon and Susan Sowerby.

One day, she finally finds the key to The Secret Garden. She immediately starts working there along with Dickon. While working, she hears a distant cry and, even with Mrs.Medlock’s warning earlier, she decides to go in search of the mysterious voice.

The owner of the voice turns out to be Colin Craven, Archiball’s son whose resemblance to his wife, made it painful for him to even look at him. Colin was just like Mary, spoiled by his servants and neglected by his parent. Mary makes friends with Colin, who always gets furious when Mary decides to garden with Dickon rather than visiting him. He throws his infamous tantrums to which Mary asks him to stop doing so.

He complains that he is slowing becoming a hunchback but Mary finds nothing wrong with his back and rather finds the disease to be in his mind, as to he had always been in bed.

One day Mary and Dickon take Colin to The Secret Garden, after which he slowly starts to get better and merrier. Mary and the others decide to kepp Colin’s recovery a secret so that they can surprise Mr.Craven after he returns back from tour.

The children along with Dickon’s mother Susan start spending everyday of summer in The Secret Garden and one day Susan decides to write to Mr.Craven stating that he needs to see his son immediately, not giving any details. Mr.Craven complies and returns to find his son completely recovered.


Secret Garden is one of the best classics which I have ever read listened to. Overall it was amazing and I think that I will certainly reread it once more to understand it better.


I give this book a 4/5 Stars!

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Do you like audiobooks? Did you read The Secret Garden? Let me know your thoughts and remarks in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “I Listened To My First Audiobook + Book Review

  1. Awesome review :) I love the Secret Garden – I read it many years ago and so I don’t think I was able to fully understand how amazing it is at that age!! So same, I’m definitely going to read it again – maybe with audiobooks as well! And same, girl, same – I get soooo distracted! School reopening tomorrow for me!

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