June Favourites + A Little Review Of Blackpink’s Comeback

Can someone please suggest a good adjective with J?

Hello folks. Welcome back to another post in which I talk about how my month went (Spoilers: I Procrastinated)

This month was fourth month of quarantine for me, but I don’t think I will be leaving my house anytime soon. I am also starting to get used to online school (Read as ‘Hell’)

Okay, lets get straight into the post now-

1.Favourite Books

->The Hate You Give

I cannot appreciate this book enough! It’s such a good book that I urge everyone to read, I wrote a book review for it which you check out here.

You can get yourself a copy of The Hate You Give from amazon here

-> I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter

This was also a very interesting and fun book! If you are into horror/sci-fi, I can assure that you will like this book. You can check out my (surprisingly) spoiler-free review here.

You can get yourself a copy of I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter here.

(I read only two books this month due to my annoying reading-slump)

2.Favourite Songs

->More and More by Twice

The queens are back!! I just can’t get enough of this song. I want to listen to it More And More. This was by far my favourite Twice song. Many people said that the chorus was underwhelming but I loved it! The visuals, the choreography, every thing was on point.

->Wayo by Bang Ye Dam

Ugh his voice. Its so damn good. This song is so damn addictive. If you are not sure who Yedam is, he is the boy from this video. Please support Yedam guys!

>Stay Gold by Bts

I am still recovering from this video. Its so aesthetic and full of references, I just can’t.

-> Still With You by Jungkook of Bts

Did we need this? Certainly. Do we deserve this? Certainly not.

-> Intro : Nobody else by Hwasa of Mamamoo

I have been bias wrecked. The meaning this song has. Not to mention Hwasa’s amazing vocals.

->Maria by Hwasa of Mamamoo

Such Talent. Such Beauty. Just wow.

->God’s Menu

Everyone is here for Felix’s hair. This song is a masterpiece.

->Eternally by TxT

BigHit really out making short films and calling them Music Videos. This song is so damn catchy. I love it!

3.Favourite Album

->Marìa by Hwasa

This album deserves more recognition and appreciation. Hwasa worked so hard on it and it came out outstanding. You can listen to the whole tracklist here.

4.Favourite Movie

I finally watched a movie after like two months!

Train To Busan

I watched this thinking, it would be full of horror and ended up breaking down at the end. Such amazing cinematography, acting and story line. I loved it. I will write a movie review for it soon.

5.Favourite Posts

So i decided that I will select some posts from you guys which I enjoyed to include in my posts as well!

Now lets talk about How You Like That, Blackpink’s latest comeback…


So Blackpink finally came out of YG’s dungeon after more than an year and released their Pre-release single How You Like That.

It broke the internet, claiming the title of the most viewed music video in 24 hours, but that is not what we are going to be talking about today. We are going to be taking a look at the song.

You see, I didn’t really have any expectations from the beginning, knowing that Teddy will produce a song similar to their older songs and well, let’s say he did exactly that. As I have mentioned in a few other posts, Blackpink songs don’t really have a chorus. The chorus usually has a key phrase, mostly in English, repetition of an onomatopoeia over and over and a cycling pattern of electronic notes.

Teddy Park, you already made this song 8. FREAKING. TIMES. I know that producing music is not very easy, but making 8 of the 14 songs Blackpink has isn’t really the best thing either. The song according to me was Kill This Love part 2 with a mixture of Don’t Know What To Do. Well, at least the girls looked stunning.

YG says that he gives us quality over quantity, which isn’t really true. I mean if you keep us locked in a dungeon for a whole year, starving, then give us something out of the blue to eat, won’t we eat it happily? That is exactly what YG is doing.


Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to leave it a like (or rate it) and follow my blog for more.

How did this month go for you? Were you productive or did you procrastinate just like I did? What did you read? Any favourite songs? Let me know in the comments.

Till Next Time, Stay Safe!

Signing Off,


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