Popular YA Books I Will Probably Never Read

I am very proud to announce that this post has been very kindly sponsored by the one and only Goodreads and its very white recommendations!

Hello and welcome back to my corner of the internet! This post is probably a product of me writing a few paragraphs every now and then.

Anyways, so long story short, you know how Goodreads shows you a bunch of recs after you finish reading a book? Yea, most of them are usually very white so I instead stalk May’s blog for some sweet diverse book recs.

Also no shade to anyone who actually likes these books. Some of the books on the list might be your favs and its completely okay if you disagree with my list. This post is my personal opinion only :)

So without any further ado lets get straight into the list-

The Hunger Games

Starting off strong aren’t we? I read the first 50-something pages of the first book and boy was I bored. I am not into dystopian stuff that much so I have absolutely no intention of reading this series sooner or later.

Anything Rainbow Rowell

HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE HER BOOKS? Oh sorry, most of her readers are straight white people who barely know anything about anything other than themselves. After Eleanor and Park, I don’t even wanna touch any of her books with a 9 foot pole. Thank you, next.

Anything Sarah J. Mass

Her books just don’t peak my interest. Like people are screaming about the upcoming release of her book and how they messed up on the cover and made it ugly and all, but the covers were never pretty and that’s the tea. Also she’s problematic. Racism and disrespect toward the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t acceptable at all. I am not really into faerie smut either so yea.

Anything Cassandra Clare

I honestly don’t know if I missed any of her books and don’t care because they are too many of them unlike my braincells

Another boring blurb situation. Simply not interested. I have also heard people say that most of her books are based off the same plot, which if you read my post on as to why I didn’t like The Trials Of Apollo series, I am not very keen on. Apparently the Mortal Instruments began as a Harry Potter fanfic?? Nope. Just nope. The author also is problematic as she allegedly uses LGBTQIA+ characters as ‘tokens’ which is enough to add her every book to my ‘will avoid forever’ shelf :)

Lord Of Rings

Barbara Remington, Illustrator of Tolkien Book Covers, Dies at 90 - The New  York Times

Another classic. I watched the movies, and they were okay? Not the best, definitely seen better. And yes, I know that books are almost always better than its screen adaptation but I honestly have no interest in reading this series.

The Red Queen Series

The Red Queen Series | Red queen book series, Red queen, The red queen  series

In this house we know better than supporting and reading books by authors who are PROBLEMATIC. I don’t care how good these books may be but I will never support problematic people. Apparently the main character was not explicitly confirmed as a POC until 3rd book. On top of that, the author continued to reblog whitewashed edits on Tumblr of this character, even though they were always a POC. 



The Lunar Chronicles

THE LUNAR CHRONICLES SERIES REVIEW *MINOR SPOILERS* // Cress x Thorne is  kind of problematic??? Kai is boring??? | Books & Writing Amino

More problematic books and author. Here are the problematic aspects of her books :

  • Horribly executed and offensive Pan-Asian setting that homogenizes Asia and evokes Japanese imperialism
  • Racially ambiguous and white-coded main character in an East Asian setting (literally does not know/confirm the ethnicity of her own character and defines her as “mixed ethnicity – Asian/Caucasian?” with the question mark included). Writes “Asian” as an ethnicity.
  • Wrong use of honorifics. (Didn’t research enough).  
  • Blatant ableism in Winter. Scarlet constantly uses the word “crazy” to refer to Winter. 

(via your authors are problematic on tumblr)

The Folk Of The Air Series

Sounds pretty boring. Not interested.

Well that was the list. Sorry not sorry if I roasted your problematic white favs. If you still continue to support and promote these problematic books, please read this post. Thank you very much :)


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What are some books which you want to avoid reading forever? Are any of them on my list? Let me know in the comments.

Till Next Time, Stay Safe!
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23 thoughts on “Popular YA Books I Will Probably Never Read

  1. I read a lot of these hyped books mostly because I wanted to see why they were so popular. Now, even after I read ToG and The Hunger Games (which was so ridiculously boring), I still don’t get why they’re so hyped. I’d rather read more diverse books, thank you very much (omggg I also stalk May’s blog). Ahh I actually liked The Lunar Chronicles, but I can see why you think that. Loved this post!

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  2. Some of these I totally agree with and others made my heart hurt ahaha but I get it. I have no interest in Cassie Claire’s books (idek where to start), and I read the first Red Queen book and was like hard pass and never read any other books by the author. I feel like a lot of these books were ones that you had to read during the hype tho, like literally everybody was reading hunger games in 2012 and it felt super unique and cool and fresh and I have soooo many fond memories of my first ever fandomy activities I participated in with my friends!! but I’ve read like 2 dystopians in the past year and I’m so blah over it not even remotely interested in dystopian anymore lmao. Twilight too ahahaha brings me back to 7th grade I was obsessed with that book and everyone was discussing team Edward or team Jacob but now… hahaha I have so much fun trashing that book it’s such trash I definitely would not recommend it in 2020.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, I am so sorry 🤣 Yes reading them during the hype is totally fine. I wasn’t much of a reader during 2012 (I was like 6 lol) The idea behind The Hunger Games is, in fact, interesting but I feel that it has been hyped to a point where its almost boring 🤐 Omg lol Twilight also had a lot of hype. My dad loves the movies and I am just like NOPE.


  3. Ahhh even though I love some of these books, and have other ones on my tbr, I completely agree with why you wouldn’t read them! Sometimes I enjoy reading tropey ‘basic’ things and these are pretty much all for that 😂 so many of the books were very noughties and I loved them as a teen but I know they have no readability now I’m an adult

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  4. Besides the fact I’m not a big YA reader, I never thought any of these books would be particularly good, at least to me, but now I’m even more convinced to run far from them. Thanks for writing this!

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  5. I have no interest in Cassandra Clare at all or Twilight or Red Queen. I do acknowledge the problems with Rainbow Rowell but I’ll always love Fangirl despite it’s problems because of all the memories associated with it!
    I also see the problems with the Lunar Chronicles and well, I haven’t supported Marissa Meyers in a while now but I did enjoy those books when I read them (though do consider the fact I was maybe 14 when I did)

    I do completely agree with your decision to not read these books!

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  6. Great post!! I totally see why some of these books should be avoided at all costs. After reading Fangirl I am done with Rainbow Rowell. The book was bland and she is problematic so that’s a hard no for me. I’ll probably never read Cassandra Clare either because they just don’t sound interesting to me. Same situation with Red Queen and Twilight.

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  7. Wow, brilliant, I love this list and I totally get why you don’t wanna read these books😍😍
    I love unpopular opinions.
    I read The Hunger Games which wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be and I couldn’t continue Twilight so dnfed it. The hype of the Red Queen has turned me off. Though I do plan to read other books you mentioned.
    Amazing post 👏👏

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