Hi there! My name is Prutha (she/her)! I am a teen with big dreams. I am passionate about reading, writing, music and life. My blog is basically a way for me to distress and share my love regarding Books and Music. I am a bit of a Bookish and Music fiend if you will.

About Me

  • I was born on 17th of August, 2006.
  • I am Indian 🇮🇳
  • I adore Bts and many other groups including Mamamoo, TxT, (G)-Idle, Exo, Twice and Itzy to name a few.
  • I am an avid book reader with my favourite genres being anything YA, Fantasy and Historical Fiction.
  • I am definitely an Introvert with absolutely no social skills but I goof around my friends a lot.
  • I love watching K-dramas.
  • I am a high-school student! My favourite classes include Science and English.
  • I am kinda tall. (5 foot 6 inchs to be exact)
  • I despise Mathematics with all my life.
  • I am a linguist. I can speak speak three languages fluently (English, Hindi and Marathi), understand Telugu pretty well, Speak beginner French and Spanish and am currently learning Korean (Totally not for kpop reasons). I also know like two words in ten other languages as well.
  • I am a terrible dancer.