Book Review Policy

Hi there! I am glad you would like me to review your book! Before filling out the form please read the requirements listed below-

Stuff To Keep In Mind

  • I’m based in southern India.
  • I only read diverse books from authors of color. Check out my Goodreads page to know the kind of books I read!
  • I accept print and digital copies but I will prioritize physical ARCS.
  • I am comfortable with Young Adult, Middle Grade and sometimes New Adult/Adult (without romance) books.
  • My preferred genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Contemporary and Realistic Fiction.
  • I will not accept poetry, adult romances/erotica and non-fiction.
  • I’m Own Voices for Indian/Desi and Anxiety representation, so if your book has any of these, I’ll be more than happy to read them!

About My Reviews

To get a better idea of my reviews, feel free to browse through my blog. I post my reviews on Goodreads and promote them on my Twitter. I also sometimes post them here on my blog and you will be sure to get my honest review which always doesn’t mean positive. Please note that if there is any form of problematic content in your book, it will automatically be a 1-star.

My Star Rating System

  • 5 Stars : I absolutely loved the book and will recommend it to every reader I know. *puts book into re-read pile*
  • 4 Stars : The book was amazing! I loved it and am glad I read it.
  • 3 Stars : It was okay. Didn’t love it, nor hated it.
  • 2 Stars : The book was meh. Maybe others will like it, but it just didn’t do it for me.
  • 1 Star : I hated the book. It was probably problematic. Sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.


Thank you for considering me to review your book. I will get back to you within 48 hours if I am interested, unless I am particularly busy. If you don’t receive a response within a week, then I probably declined your review request.

Please note that I am a high school student and I cannot review every book that is offered to me

I look forward to potentially working with you!